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Music in film is a character of its own. Like each and every other character it is important to carefully build and nurture its plot arc. Each film is unique, with its own musical personality: sometimes a musical tapestry is all that is needed, and sometimes a fully fledged orchestral score is what it takes to do the film justice.

And that is where my fun begins. Case by case, I search for and discover the language, the color palette and the personality to match the director’s vision. It opens up a world of musical opportunities, ever - evolving and often unexpected. 

With any project I take on, once I'm at work it becomes my utmost goal and a point of pride to enhance the emotional content of the picture. Creativity and hard work are my cornerstones, and I love to put them into play to stimulate positive and productive cooperation.

Plus, thanks to today’s technology, the range of musical possibilities is not limited to live performance. The emotional power of orchestral and choral scores now even lies within the reach of smaller productions.

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“…The value of [Mattea’s] artistic endeavour consists in his having assimilated a refined and elevated musical language in order to exploit all of its expressive power. He has taken on the challenge of writing a grand and complex score with all the courage of young talent. He has achieved a work that, while echoing the work of the old masters, never once comes across as a quotation.”
-- Civico 20 News

"Alberto is a pleasure to work with. After a quick back and forth over email, Alberto composed and sent me a full soundtrack for my short film within a day. His work greatly enhanced the emotional effect of the film. Alberto’s skill, timeliness, and ease to communicate with make working with him a delight. I look forward to collaborating again on future projects."
-- Aviv Crowell Lang, Filmmaker

"Alberto is a highly competent, professional and eclectic musician. His music, which is of the highest quality, is emotionally engaging for the listener and performer alike. He balances music and image, using the tonal capacities of each instrument to obtain the highest impact and harmony with the scene, thus highlighting details according to the director's vision. In our sessions he established an open and friendly rapport with the musicians and we certainly hope to cooperate again in the future."
-- Cavour Symphony Orchestra

"As a partner of a large European intellectual property law firm based in Finland, I was very impressed with Alberto's understanding and responsiveness when we commissioned him to compose some original music to be used for the introduction to Berggren's new live podcast series. In less than 24 hours, Alberto provided us with an opening track that perfectly captured the mood and style we had in mind."  
-- Sakari Värilä, Partner and VP of Client Success, Berggren Oy

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